GRAINola Bars

GRAINola Bars

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Looking for a healthy and delicious snack food, or something for a meal? How about at breakfast with your choice of milk, or over yogurt? A healthy item to hold over your hunger?

Our Coconut flavor has a combination of Coconut flakes, fine Coconut macaroon, and Organic Coconut Oil for a satisfying but light Coconut taste! Even those who don't normally like Coconut enjoy this flavor!

Our Honey Almond flavor has almost 2 pounds of almonds baked into every batch, and we start with raw almonds that roast while we cook to keep that fresh, smooth Almond taste!

Our Oats & Honey flavor is baked exclusively with a Stout beer grain (Vienna Malts, Chocolate Malts…yum!).. While it may sound like our most plain or generic flavor, but the dark, flavorful Stout malts create our richest flavor of GRAINola!

Our Peanut Butter flavor has whole peanuts combined with natural peanut butter for a smooth nutty flavor.