About [B]Good GRAINola

Working for an investment company provided some opportunities to invest in craft breweries. As I learned the brewing process, I was drawn to the enormous amounts of spent grain discarded by the craft breweries. I looked at the spent grain and questioned the potential value still in it. Just a few hours prior, this grain was perceived as a high-quality, carefully developed blend of ingredients. Could there be something left in it?

— My passion for food and cooking took over from there —

I approached a local craft brewery and began to ask about how they brewed and if I could have some spent grain to tinker with in the kitchen. As we stood in the brewery smelling the aromas, and they described their selection of ingredients, like Vienna Malts and Chocolate Malts, my excitement grew.  A few cooking tests quickly revealed that the spent grain did have a lot left to contribute in flavor. Researching it further revealed the health benefits of a rich natural fiber and protein source. I set out on a mission to create something—and it was GRAINola!

Continuous experimentation led to samples that I would share with friends and family, and soon I mustered up the courage to take it back to the brewery. The response was unanimous approval! Since then, I have been on a journey of:

  • providing a resourceful way to work with craft breweries’ delicious grain blends

  • creating delicious, healthy, and unique food

  • celebrating God’s faithfulness to us each and every day


Why Spent Brewer’s Grains?

Beer - it’s made from grain. In the case of the craft breweries that we work with, that grain is barley. The first part of the brewing process is similar to making iced tea - it’s called the mash. Delicious grains are soaked in hot water to remove the carbs, which will later be fermented into alcohol. This leaves behind “spent grain” - whole grain that is rich in fiber and protein.

When we discovered this flavorful product, we saw an opportunity to create awesome food! Carefully selected grain blends that included Vienna Malts and Chocolate Malts (yum!), rich in fiber, and the ability to minimize food waste - it’s a win for everybody and the planet!

Find Us!

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